The 6 startups where Jeff Bezos, the Amazon boss, invested millions

The 6 startups where Jeff Bezos, the Amazon boss, invested millions

Jeff Bezos, the head of theĀ  Amazon , is not only the richest man on the planet but also an intelligent investor because he has put money in Uber, Airbnb or MarkerBot in recent years. What are six other startups that have attracted Bezos’ millions?

Jeff Bezos has invested in several companies in recent years, but what are the newly-launched startups that have attracted his attention, and the money, the richest man on the planet? At GoBankingRates they researched and discovered 15 companies in which Bezos put money. These are the most recent:

1. Mindstrong Health

This is an application designed to detect a person’s condition and identify the early signs of depression or other mental illness. Basically, the application that can tell you that you suffer from depression before you know that.

2. Mark43

The company is doing software to help police and authorities better manage their activities. The company’s software is used in over 60 peacekeeping agencies and by the Boston, Washington and Seattle police departments.

3. Plenty

In July 2017, the Plenty agriculture company received $ 200 million from Bezos Expeditions. Startup develops a method by which plant crops can grow in non-pesticide and herbicide environments and has created a growth method that requires only 1% of the water used in traditional plant breeding methods.

4. EverFi

Jeff Bezos has invested 190 million dollars from his own funds in EverFi, a startup that gives teachers and students digital education in various areas: financial, health, or STEM. Eric Schimidt, former Google Chief, is also an investor.

5. Grail

Grail has a simple mission: “to detect cancer early in order to be treated”. The company develops blood tests to identify early stage cancer when treatments are more effective and less invasive. Bezos Expeditions invested $ 100 million in the company in 2016.

6. Fundbox

Fundbox is an alternative to banks because it provides loans of up to $ 100,000 to small businesses, startups, and borrowers pay only what they have borrowed, plus nothing more. They return the money through weekly payments. Bezos Expeditions, along with Spark Capital Growth, invested $ 50 million in the company in 2015.

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