What is a health?

What is a health?

The most renowned and undoubtedly the most respected health definition is that given by the World Health Organization, as it appeared in the preamble of its constitution, towards the end of the 1940s. It sounds like this:  “Health is a total state of physical, mental and social well-being, not just lack of disease or physical infirmity .

Note that this definition lacks any mention of spiritual composition. Perhaps WHO founders were afraid that some countries would objection against the mentioning or accentuation of this spiritual state … Everyone knows that physical health means the absence of illness and any infirmity in the presence of energy and vitality enough to fulfill daily duties and recreational activities without has particularly tired. Our health is influenced by everything that surrounds us, good adaptability to the environment, good inter-human relationships, good family status, that is to say, to our entire environment. So we can speak of a state of inner harmony when we talk about a good state of physical health and good relationships with those around us.

And so, by saying all this, I ask you:  who might be more justified to be held accountable for the good inner and outer walking of each one? Who depend on it, dear ones, if not us, first of all?

It is clear that the way to better health and a longer life does not go through modern fast-food restaurants or in addition to appealing snack bars or snacks with fast snacks or fast-food restaurants. This road grows to the consumed food as they come from the gardens and fields where they are grown, to fresh fruit, seeds, vegetables and vegetables, which are more flavourful and tasty to the grain of grain. Dietetics has a simple form, complicated only by today’s social, economic and cultural environment … this can be a meditation theme for each of us!

We are proud that we are one of the best-fed generations throughout history, from an organoleptic point of view it is absolutely obvious. But for this privilege, we pay a price too high, in the form of so many unnecessary illnesses, premature deaths, unhealthy states and joy.

CREATE … Harmonize your Mind and Body … Keep your HEALTH!

How does this exhortation, close to, or almost impossible, sound like, is it just as perceived by each of us?

The weather passes, the days flow, and few of us stop and think more about them than with what they always have to do, hurried, stressed and busy. By our chosen lifestyle, learned and assumed, we are responsible for our health or illness, our proper functioning.

Until you get to a doctor or a therapist, until you get sick, remember that you are your own physician and healer!

And it’s so simple, just to want to meet you!

Understand how your body works, starting at the cellular level, not aggravating it daily, creating your cells a good environment for regeneration through the careful way of choosing your food. And always ask yourself, ” why am I eating?

The human body is able to tolerate long-term excesses of one way or the other, even 3 kg of carrots a day, for example. But the fundamental truth is that  balance, temperance not only in what we eat but in our whole lifestyle is the key that opens us the path to lasting health and happiness.

There are some conscious steps that need to be done and everyone’s life can be transformed, it can be radically improved. I will enumerate the steps to health, and in the future we will tell and learn in detail about all these small changes, with great effects that we can bring to our lives.

1. Correct hydration and alkalinity of the body

2. Eliminating parasites

3. Detoxifying and purifying the body

4. Cellular Nutrition

5. Protection of the whole organism

Maybe the notions presented do not tell you much, but little attention to them changes the way of acceptance and understanding. The simplicity of our lives and the way we live our lives, it is reminded of all of us, and here many solutions go to solve many and great problems.

Let’s learn together, step by step, where and what is good to CHANGE, to adapt better, to enjoy and balance our lives and our health.

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